We will assess your individual requirements in order to link you with one of Calgary’s finest bookkeepers.

Our professional and experienced bookkeepers offer reliable and accurate payroll and bookkeeping services so you can stay stress-free.

Gone are the days when you would worry about financial record keeping – we will take care of all your bookkeeping on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Without proper bookkeeping your company is at risk of losing large amounts of money that should have gone back into your pocket!

Here at Small Business Tax Accountants, we know how important it is to keep accurate business finance records.

Tired of losing sleep over your finance records? Having a hard time keeping it all organized?

You can rest easy knowing that our skilled bookkeepers at Small Business Tax Accountants will go above and beyond to ensure all your finances are in order. You will not regret this come tax time!

We know that running a business is stressful enough without managing your finances, so why not let the professionals do it for you?

Don’t like to deal with numbers? No problem. We help with data entry and bookkeeping on a regular basis.

Why Choose Us?

Small Business Tax Accountants is comprised of detail-oriented professionals who are dedicated to meeting the demands of small businesses. Our team includes:

-Chartered Accountants

-Certified Management Accountants

-Certified General Accountants


-Tax Specialists


-Certified Financial Planners

-Business Consultants

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Many business owners feel that, because user-friendly software is so readily available, they should be the one keeping track of their finances.

Remember, just because it’s there doesn’t mean that you have to – or even should! – use a program to record all of your financial data. Without a trained eye, it is easy to miss important facts that will end up costing money at tax time.

An experienced bookkeeper will ensure that all of your income and expenses are accurately documented to minimize fees and maximize your tax return. Regardless of the size of your business, proper payroll and expense managing and regular financial statement updates will help you to stay on top of your company’s finances, with very little effort on your end!

Why do I need a designated or certified bookkeeper?

You may be surprised to learn that bookkeepers can enter the profession with only a high school diploma, and no prior experience on how to manage finances.

But even the most inexperienced bookkeepers are usually aware that most business owners are occupied with countless other duties, and they take advantage of that.

 It can be very easy to miss important signs that your bookkeeper is not fulfilling his/her duties, and some may even go as far as stealing from you!

 This is why you need to have a certified bookkeeper with a proven track of honesty, transparency and trustworthiness. Don’t let just anyone manage your finances!

When do I need a bookkeeper?


Too many business owners wait too long to get a bookkeeper, until it is too late to receive any money lost. We have heard countless stories of entrepreneurs who wish they had gotten a bookkeeper long before they did, and some who are still paying the costs of that mistake.

The sooner you have someone who can organize and manage your finances, the more efficient your company will be!

Whether you need an accounts receivable/accounts payable report, payroll processing, expense tracking, bank account reconciliation or help with your budget, our team at Small Business Tax Accountants is ready and able to take care of all your needs.

What makes a “good” bookkeeper?

When selecting a bookkeeper, don’t just look for someone who is quick with numbers and understands the ins and outs of finance records, look for someone who will personalize the experience to suit your needs.

Bookkeepers are a dime a dozen, but good bookkeepers are a lot harder to find.

Here at Small Business Tax Accountants, we realize that each individual has their own needs and we are here to assist with any questions you may have. With over 20 years of experience, we have a process that is accurate, efficient and affordable.

How do I know I can trust my bookkeeper?

No matter how friendly or experienced your bookkeeper may seem, there are many things that he/she could be doing that may jeopardize your business.

Make sure that your bookkeeper gives you access to your accounting system. You should have access to all of your financial records, and if your bookkeeper seems hesitant about giving it to you, this is an immediate red flag!

You should also ensure that your bookkeeper prepares bank and credit card reconciliations, and that you get a copy of them monthly. It is important to review these documents and look for any adjustments made. If you see any adjustments made by your bookkeeper, this is another red flag, as it proves that he/she did not account for something properly. Never hand over your finances and expect them to be entirely managed without you having to review them periodically.

What does my bookkeeper need from me?

Your bookkeeper will usually give you a check list of all the items he/she will need to manage your finances. He/she will need access to your bank accounts and your asset and liability information.

They will also need forms and papers such as:

  • expense receipts
  • documents pertaining to lease agreements, loans and any contract you have signed
  • a list of all pre-authorized direct deposits and withdrawals on your bank and credit card statements
  • lists of customer deposits and prepayments
  • an inventory count (if you are selling goods rather than services)
  • government and tax forms such as GST/HST and WCB reports
  • any and all payroll information including T4s and PD7As.

The more data you give, the better he/she can manage your finances and save you money!

What documents should my bookkeeper give me?

Your bookkeeper should provide you with a general ledger describing the financial status of all your accounts, with a thorough description of your finance and account records readily available for you.

 It is also their role to ensure that the accountant has all the necessary paper work and receipts to file your taxes at the end of the year. As you can see, bookkeepers hold a great deal of responsibility regarding the tracking and maintaining of your company’s finances.

It is very important that you select one who is honest and competent.

From payroll services to personal tax returns in Calgary, we offer reliable, trustworthy results from bookkeepers who truly know the ins-and-outs of this business.

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